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Hi, folks! I have recently written about the presence of egyptian ornamentation in Rio. One of the buildings pictured there was 116 Ouvidor Street, “corner of Ourives”, as it was then known, and meaning nowadays nothing but “corner of Miguel Couto”, since part of what is left of the Ourives Street after the opening of […]


This is not a blog about History. This is a blog about Architecture, if anything. But there are moments in which History and Architecture mix up in a way that it gets impossible to mention one without referring to the other. That said, it is mandatory to remember the story of the construction of the […]

Saiu na Revista s/n°! / Just published on s/n°!

Prezados leitores, Acaba de sair na última revista s/n° – e eu o republico aqui, enriquecido de algumas imagens – um texto meu intitulado “Pedra sobre Pedra”, que trata sobre a arquitetura no Rio de Janeiro nos primeiros anos do Século XX . Como sempre, vai primeiro o texto em português, mais abaixo em inglês. […]